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of Unigarant

News from the world of Unigarant

This is where employees of the Unigarant family publish interesting and useful articles and information on all the themes dear to our hearts of us experts in digital tax consulting – from helpful tips to changes in tax law right through to personal stories from our team of colleagues.

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Steffen Jäger
Welcome to the new Unigarant partner

2 January 2022

We wish a very warm welcome to our team member, Steffen Jäger, as new partner with Unigarant Berlin.

Brand new:
Unigarant has a whole new CI and website

1 March 2022

Done! Unigarant’s new corporate identity and new website have gone online. With this new look, we want to make the values of the Unigarant family and the services we provide with passion every day for you, our clients, even more transparent.

2022 land tax reform
– everything you need to know

15 March 2022
Following the adoption of a land tax reform by the Bundestag and Bundesrat in 2019, some 35 million properties and land and forestry businesses in Germany have to be revalued. Find out what you need to consider and how Unigarant can help you.

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