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Areas of Activity

Setting up a business, corporate restructuring, corporate taxation

In this domain we provide consulting services for companies or company proprietors in the event of mergers and transformations of all kinds. We prepare all the necessary contracts, including any that require notarial certification. We advise them throughout the transaction process, from drawing up the offer and conducting due diligence right through to drafting the contracts and executing them after completion. Furthermore, our tax consultants provide advice on the tax advantages and disadvantages and propose an appropriate tax model.

Contacts: Dr. Jens Wanner, Lawyer, Jörg Heyssler, Tax Consultant

Transactions and acquisitions

In this context we advise on matters of purchasing, selling and financing corporate shareholdings. This can be done either by means of share deals or asset deals. We conduct the due diligence, draft the requisite contracts, provide advice during the contract negotiations and assist you during the execution of the completed agreements. This also includes preparation for and follow-up of discussions with the funding banks.

Contacts: Dr. Jens Wanner, Lawyer, Jörg Heyssler, Tax Consultant

International and German business law

By this we mean international and national competition and cartel laws, as well as legislation on business administration. We check whether transactions and business models require approval. We can also obtain the requisite or expedient approvals, or apply for negative clearance attesting that approval is not required. We represent our clients both judicially and extra-judicially.

Contacts: Dr. Jens Wanner, Lawyer, Jesko Zahn, Lawyer

Real estate law, construction law and commercial rental contracts and leases

In this domain, we advise our clients when purchasing, selling, renting or leasing developed or undeveloped plots of land. This includes drafting and reviewing land sale contracts, brokerage contracts and property development contracts as well as commercial or private rental contracts and leases. We provide assistance for asserting or defending against claims for structural defects, if necessary by way of independent judicial taking of evidence. If clients so wish, we also take charge of negotiations with sellers, property developers, banks, insurers and brokers.

Contacts: Dr. Jens Wanner, Lawyer, Jesko Zahn, Lawyer

Labour law and employee representation

By this we mean both individual and collective labour law, including employee representation. We advise you on how to prevent or set up works councils or other representative bodies. We draft and review labour contracts and complementary agreements. We provide consultancy on termination of labour contracts, especially those of CEOs, directors and managerial employees and prepare the respective declarations and agreements. In this respect we represent our clients both judicially and extra-judicially.

Contact: Jesko Zahn, Lawyer

Competition law, copyright, trademark law, industrial property rights

We assist our clients when filing for industrial and property rights. We draft licensing and demarcation agreements. We provide help with warning notices, injunctions, cancellation suits and all related legal actions, if need be by way of interlocutory procedures. Here again, we advise and represent our clients both judicially and extra-judicially.

Contact: Jesko Zahn, Lawyer

Inheritance law and inheritance tax, anticipated inheritance

It is often advisable to make arrangements for anticipated inheritance instead of or in addition to testamentary dispositions (e.g. wills or inheritance agreements). This is often a better means of protecting your life’s work from disputes and economic decline than testamentary dispositions. Moreover, it also enables existing tax exemptions to be exploited to better advantage and sometimes a tax-neutral transition to the younger generation. In addition, we help companies and bequeathers draw up wills or inheritance agreements, establish endowments or draw up estate division contracts. We execute actions seeking disclosure and estate division suits, and advise individual and joint beneficiaries on matters of inheritance tax.

Contacts: Dr. Jens Wanner, Lawyer, Jesko Zahn, Lawyer, Jörg Heyssler, Tax Consultant

Insolvency law, turnaround advisory services

We provide insolvency services for companies going through a financial crisis. We advise them on possible turnaround and restructuring measures. We help them assert and defend claims by insolvency practitioners, especially in matters of avoidance of transactions in insolvency proceedings. We help them draw up “insolvency-proof” contracts and credit guarantees and if need be conduct the filing for insolvency. In addition, we advise directors and CEOs, as well as insolvency practitioners, in cases of assertion or defence of liability claims for delays in filing for insolvency or unjust enrichment prior to or during current insolvency proceedings.

Contacts: Dr. Jens Wanner, Lawyer, Jesko Zahn, Lawyer

Criminal tax law

As lawyers, our work on our clients’ behalf focuses on the avoidance of criminal tax offences. We help them draw up contracts and agreements that do not breach fiscal legislation. Should a client be suspected of tax evasion, we contact the investigating authority in a timely manner. We assist our clients in cases of arrest, searches and seizures. In addition, we carry out voluntary disclosures on behalf of our clients exempting them from sanctions should they wish to “legalize” non-taxed assets or revenue (e.g. from Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg or Liechtenstein) retrospectively in the Federal Republic of Germany. In this respect we work closely with the tax authorities and assist all parties in clarifying the facts of the case.

Contacts: Dr. Jens Wanner, Lawyer, Jörg Heyssler, Tax Consultant

Criminal business law

In this domain we help our clients accused of fraud, falsification of documents, accounting fraud, embezzlement, fraudulent bankruptcy, delay in filing for insolvency and tax evasion. These criminal acts often go hand-in-hand and are subject to joint indictment and prosecution proceedings. We work with seasoned defence lawyers all over Germany. We also assist our clients in cases of arrest, house searches and seizures.

Contacts: Dr. Jens Wanner, Lawyer, Jesko Zahn, Lawyer

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